What Causes the Craps and Swelling in Legs

A friend has a strange symptom that she wondered if anyone else experienced. She has notice now a few times that her lower leg (below knee to ankle) is swollen in the late afternoon/evening. She is 110 lbs. at 5’6″, so this is quite noticeable. At first, she thought that it was because she exercised too much or were on her feet all day. But, it is a bit inconsistent for that. Sometimes, there is leg cramping at night, too. She wonders if anyone else has had this.

Another friend has had this, too, and she thought it was from the amount of sitting she does, but she hasn’t had any problem since starting the diet. She wondered if there is some candida in her legs or maybe some toxins in the leg tissues. She also thought of allergy, but when she has a sensitivity or reaction, it has always been in rashes on her chest and swelling or sores in her mouth. She is not having that with this unless it is a long term allergy/sensitivity to something she has been eating for a long time.

I personally seem to be prone to getting cramps in my legs and feet, sometimes it happens when I am driving. This is very frustrating, but I find it swells up and gets puffy if I eat junk food or too much salt. Eating a banana helps with my leg cramps.

This could also be due to water retention. If someone has water retention, they must increase their water consumption. It sounds strange, but it works. It could also be hormonal problems causing the water retention. Do you exercise? Another guess would have been potassium deficiency, particularly if the edema along with elevated blood pressure is present.

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