L-Ornithine Keeps Toxins From Circulating Which Causes Insomnia

A new friend of mine is in the middle of die-off at the moment. She started to take a herbal anti-candida remedy on Sunday and had serious insomnia every night since. It was pointed out to her earlier today that this is probably die-off related and then the penny dropped that the headaches and general achiness were connected also.

I suppose she took the herbal not really believing she had a real candida problem. Her naturopath friend muscle-tested for her and said she had about 63% candida and normal was about half of that. So, she thought she will give it a whirl. She didn’t really expect a reaction because she didn’t really expect it to be true. Now, she knows how wrong she was. She didn’t think her diet was really that bad.

Anyway, she has sent off for a product called Candigest Plus as she is told it does not cause die-off and wondered if anyone has any experience of other remedy as she has stopped the herbal. She is thinking heaps of water and just had some cider vinegar. She wants some information on anything else she can do right now to improve how she feels.

L-ornithine will help you sleep as it binds with the die-off-causing toxins as well as the alcohols that the yeast produces. This keeps them from circulating around in your blood stream and in your brain which is why you can’t sleep. It is best when taken 30 minutes before bedtime. Just adjust the dosage according to your personal needs.

I hope this article L-Ornithine Keeps Toxins From Circulating Which Causes Insomnia give you some answer to your problem. If you need thorough guide and solution to fight your candida, my recommendation goes to YeastNoMore product. Try them and use their support!

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