Including Guar Gum to Your Anti Yeast Infection Diet

A friend is in her early 50′s and she is doing anti yeast infection diet all this time. She has never heard of Guar Gum until the past few days and was raised on white bleached flour. She uses Mrs. Tucker’s vegetable shortening, the kind that is solid and white in tub or bucket and powdered milk. Her mom was a single mom who raised her 3 kids and 3 of her cousins at different times. She worked as a waitress and cooked with lots of MSG, because that is what the cooks used where she worked. It is a wonder that she is still there.

She is building a grocery list to print out for her husband to go shopping with. She can go shopping, but have to ride in one of those electronic shopping carts and it is painful. She has deteriorating disc and vertebrae and a type of arthritis where the bones have spurs and may fuse together. And they may not if she can make herself move. It is so far so good. She has been tapering off her medication for about a year now and has lost 50 lbs. So, she can move more and dress herself again. Her husband has been very good to help her, and they actually help each other. Some days he can’t do much either.

It feels like learning a new language; Guar Gum. Guar gum is a thickening agent and an excellent bifidogenic prebiotic. She is adding the Not/Starch to the list, too, just in case if she will get it for her diet. It is really expensive, though.

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