Anti Candida Diet Shopping List

A friend of mine requested me a shopping list of things to buy when first going on the anti candida diet. She believes a document like that would really be a handy thing to have. She feels fortunate to live in a city with a Trader Joe’s, a Wild Oats, and a Whole Foods, but she still gets a bit lost while wandering up and down the aisles.

On the first days on the diet, I avoid all grains, sugar, and dairy. I also eat meat (no breading), eggs, and low-carb vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, salad greens), and that is it. I drink water and decaffeinated green tea. Try to look on the bright side and you will have plenty foods of choice.

Another friend of mine was on a candida cleanse with bentonite, grapefruit extract, and psyllium, but it was killing her stomach. Then, her regime is just to moderate what she eats. She cannot afford to strictly follow an anti candida diet, so instead she does her best to eat as well as she can and stays away from junk. She stays away from sugar, wheat, dairy, booze (mostly), and most recently, she has begun to suspect adverse reactions to corn.

She has quit coffee several times, but doesn’t want to give it up entirely, so she is down to one or two cups a day, sweetened with stevia and rice milk. When she gets on her feet financially, she will consider adding some other stuff to her get well regime, like L-glutamine, and maybe some aloe juice and more fresh veggies and stuff.

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