Yogurt As Your Main Probiotics

Is yogurt enough of a probiotic? Someone asked me that as she has thought about getting the pills, but heard that the good bacteria never really gets to your stomach when it is in pill form. She is planning to at least stir a capsule into her next enema bag to see if this approach has any adverse or beneficial effects. She has found she quite liked homemade yoghurt and how it made her feel. She is allergic to milk products (except chocolate-kidding), so she used vanilla soy for her yoghurt and was surprised how well it turned out. Continue reading

Yeast Problem With Male Doesnt Have Any Connection With Each Mans Semen

Has anyone had a yeast problem with one male, but not with another? This mans wife has frequent yeast problems with him, so he has encouraged her to have an affair with another man to see if it makes a difference. He gets the feeling she wants to “blame” him, but he still sees little research evidence that one man’s semen might encourage yeast while another won’t. He wants to know my opinion on this subject. Continue reading

What Works for My Friends Diet and Treatment

Here is what work for my friends anti candida diet that I want to share with many of you here. She cheats often with fruit, but she actually had fewer cravings (except for fruit) on the diet. And if she craved chocolate, 1-4 chocolate chips did the trick, or she made chocolate with unsweetened chocolate and vegetable glycerin. This probably delays the healing, but she finds it made overall quality of life better. She likes oatmeal, oat bran, and oat bran muffins, and was able to tolerate corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. She seemed to feel better after eating organic meat. Continue reading

Vegetables or Vegetable Glycerin to Deal With Sugar Craving

Someone has seen a lot of recipes in the yeast-free cookbooks and in forums that include vegetable glycerin and Vitamin C crystals. She has a question about the vegetable glycerin. She has used this product in the past and has gotten severe sugar cravings from it. She is wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how they know that it does not feed the yeast. Continue reading

Taking the Beneficial Lemon Water With Probiotics

My friend wants to know whether the warm water with fresh lemon drink in the morning would interfere with a probiotic pill. She has gotten into the habit of squeezing half a lemon into a warm glass of water and drinking that on an empty stomach. However, she needs to keep taking probiotics for a bit as well. She needs to know how she should do this. On a side note, the lemon water is great. She has not been feeling 100%, but the lemon water is helping from getting really sick. She highly recommends it since it helps with elimination, boosting the immune system, etc. She takes it every morning. Continue reading

Suggestions for Stomach Candida and Bowel Candida

A friend wants to know if I have tried either or both of Primal Defense and/or Threelac and found effective relief for stomach candida. She has been using Primal Defense for several months now, and finds it has really helped. However, some symptoms remain. She has seen several people mention Threelac, and was wondering how the two compare. She needs any thought to help. Continue reading